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Our mission at Dancation is to provide nurturing and challenging dance instruction that bring out a child’s confidence and talents, and promote the performing arts in a safe, positive and lively environment. We promote appreciation of the performing arts and giving everyone the opportunity to dance. Above all we promote the importance of giving back to our community and instilling kindness and positivity in all of our students.


At Dancation Studio of Dance & Theatre, we believe dance is an educational, fun and healthy activity that improves the coordination of your child, and promotes quick thinking, discipline, and self-confidence. We teach the basic movement and terminology of dance, poise, and posture as well as discipline, dedication, determination, and commitment. Not only do we strive to provide the best possible training in a fun and healthy way, but we make sure your child is being correctly educated in all styles of dance and theatre. Most importantly, we are a family!

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The instructors at Dancation Studio of Dance & Theatre are chosen with great care. We have regular staff meetings where we discuss curriculum and teaching methods. Instructors monitor and discuss students’ progress across each of the disciplines to make sure that each student is performing to the best of his or her ability. Our instructors strive to give each student the individual attention and instruction he or she needs to reach their potential.

Each of our instructors brings a unique perspective, personality, and skill set to the classroom environment. Students benefit from these differing approaches and environments as they mirror the professional environment dancers will encounter throughout their dance career.

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