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Lil' Leapers: 2-3 years old
Lil' Leapers is our introduction for boys & girls ages 2-3 years old to dance terminology, movement concepts, and class etiquette. It is a great way for children to get their wiggles out while having fun!

Discover Dance: 3-4 years old
The DiscoverDance Early Childhood Dance Program is designed to introduce students ages 3-4 years old to the creative and expressive world of dance. Each class will enhance your child's love of the art form while also learning proper dance terminology, movement concepts, and class etiquette. These classes are educational, fun, and age-appropriate!

Superstars: 5-6 years old
Our Superstars class is for boys & girls ages 5-6 years old. This class will focus on jazz and hip hop technique. Dancers will learn a routine that will be recorded and produced into a music video at our last class!

Camp TikTok: 7-9 years old
Camp TikTok is for boys & girls ages 7-9 years old. Come learn the coolest TikTok trends with a twist! This class will learn some of the popular TikTok dances and additional choreography to create our own TikTok.

Summer Sampler: 10+ years old
Our Summer Sampler, for boys & girls ages 10 & up, covers 5 different techniques of dance in 5 weeks. It is a great class for those looking to see what style of dance they should take in our fall session or those that love all styles of dance!